Mini Chocolate Eggs - Tumaco region, Colombia 70%


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We've crafted our award winning relaxed single origin Tumaco region, Colombia chocolate into delectable bite sized miniature chocolate eggs just in time for Easter.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and 100% Plant Based.

The chocolate eggs are packaged in a 100% cellulose bioplastic Natureflex bag, that is certified home compostable.

While Tumaco Region, Colombia evokes flavours of decadent creaminess, warm nuts and a slow malty finish it’s simply the cacao’s origin talking – plus organic cane sugar and our obsession for preserving the flavours of provenance. And because your senses are unique, you may discover characters and aromas others may not – that’s the magic of Foundry Chocolate.

70g per pack. Each pack contains approximately 16 solid half eggs.

From the 2019 vintage. Please note the batch number you receive will differ from the one pictured.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans & Organic Cane Sugar. No added cacao butter, lecithin or vanilla.

Origin Information:
On the southern pacific coast of Colombia, Tumaco is a region that has been hard hit by historic political conflict and plagued by narco trafficking. The predominantly Afro-Colombian population has faced a great deal of prejudice and sustainable local development has been hijacked by extensive penetration of paramilitary and narco groups.

When Cacao de Colombia first explored the region back in 2011, they found cacao everywhere; drying on any flat surface farmers could find, including the road. The sheer volume of cacao was overwhelming, and the opportunity for quality and systemic improvement was obvious.

Cacao de Colombia has worked with three community cooperatives to introduce centralised processing and drying. Because of the introduction of centralised processing and Cacao de Colombia’s expertise in high-quality flavour development, farmers today earn 70% more income from cacao today than they did when selling dried beans to the commodity market supply chain, and have a true sustainable alternative to coca production or involvement in the narco groups. 

Credit: Uncommon Cacao

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