The AM Show, TV3, 7 July 2020: Interview with Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson for World Chocolate Day 2020:

What makes good chocolate?
It's World Chocolate Day! 
And who better to tell us what makes chocolate really good than a company who recently won 7 gold medals, 5 silver medals and the Supreme Winner Award for their exceptional New Zealand made chocolate. 
Foundry Chocolate Founder David Herrick spoke to The AM Show.


Farro Feast Magazine, 2 June 2020: Food Heroes - Foundry Chocolate

Here at Farro, we are lucky enough to know some fascinating food producers who are passionate about their products, meticulous about the ingredients that make them, and go the extra mile to wow our tastebuds. But, every now and then, we meet someone who raises the bar that extra notch. (Continue reading)


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The AM Show, TV3, 30 March 2020: Interview with Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson about Anamalai Estate, India 70% winning the Supreme Award in the NZ Chocolate Awards 2020.

----------------, 30 March 2020: NZ Chocolate Awards 2020 Winners Announced. A new Mahurangi chocolate maker has swept away the competition taking the top gong, a Category Winner title and multiple medals at this year’s New Zealand Chocolate Awards.... To read the full article click here.


Cuisine Magazine, November 2019


Radio New Zealand, July 2019: Interview with Luke Owen-Smith from The Chocolate Bar about the exclusive Pacific Chocolate Box featuring our special edition 74% Masidau Farm, Vanuatu bar. 



Junction Magazine, December 2018 issue: Foundry Forges a New Craft Chocolate Movement

Foundry Forges a New Craft Chocolate Movement

Words: Dunc Blair  |  Photos: Janelle Herrick

One would assume when given just two simple ingredients, that the number of possible flavour combinations would be fairly easy to predict. However, in the hands of chocolate maker David Herrick, the results are numerous, surprising, and you could even say; symphonic.

David and his wife Janelle are the magicians behind Foundry Chocolate, New Zealand's newest craft chocolate maker. And just like the world’s finest single malt distilleries and craft vineyards, the Mahurangi-based chocolate maker is dedicated to capturing the unique character of origin.  

Foundry’s meticulous bean-to-bar process uses only two ingredients, cacao beans and organic sugar, to make dark chocolate with a myriad of flavour notes ranging from honey to ripe tropical fruit, warm spices to hints of caramel. Beans are sourced from the world’s most expressive cacao growing regions - Peru, Tanzania, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia and Ecuador, and are skilfully handled to produce distinctive flavours that must be tasted to be believed. 

The husband and wife team, have both applied their ‘craft’ in their own unique way. David has not only accentuated the ingredients’ provenance and terroir, he’s tinkered with time, temperature and even the chocolate making machinery to ensure each micro-batch is unforgettable. Janelle has put her knowledge of art-direction and design into packaging, that when unwrapped, feels like an event in itself. The anticipation of opening each resealable parcel is like unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. 

This passion and attention to detail is the reason Foundry Chocolate is a truly ‘craft’ product. There’s consideration in every step, which makes eating chocolate exciting again. And while enjoying it, you also need to remind yourself that there are only two ingredients – nothing else. The stone fruit, lychee or fruitcake flooding you palate are simply the natural flavours of the cacao, accentuated with exceptional care, skill and a whole lot of love.

Foundry’s six single-origin bars are each individually numbered and will make delightful Christmas gifts. Take a look at Foundry’s stunning chocolate range on Instagram or order online.