When you're as small as we are - a team of one and a half - it's amazing to receive external recognition for the time you've spent crafting each bar.
We are humbled and incredibly proud, of each of our awards.

Academy of Chocolate - Global Awards 2020

These awards are for chocolate makers from across the globe and we are being judged against the best of the best. To be here for a second year is just phenomenal, and we are both thrilled.

Silver - Ucayali River, Peru 70% - shop now

Silver - Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico 70% - shop now

Silver - Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 100% - shop now

Bronze - Masidau Farm, Vanuatu - Drinking Chocolate shop now
Commended - Anamalai Estate, India 70% - shop now
Commended - Masidau Farm, Vanuatu 70%- shop now
Commended - Tumaco, Colombia 70%- shop now
Commended - Tumaco, Colombia 100%- shop now

NZ Chocolate Awards 2020

These awards celebrate the finest chocolate produced in New Zealand. We were blown away to win a record 7 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and the Supreme Winner Award for Anamalai Estate, India 70%.

Supreme Winner, Category Winner and Gold, - Anamalai Estate, India 70%Gold - Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70%
Gold - Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico 70%; Gold - Kulkul, Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea 70%; 
Gold - Ucayali River, Peru 70%
Gold - Kulkul, Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea 90%Gold - Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 100%
 Silver - Fine Craft Drinking Chocolate, Masidau Farm, Vanuatu 70%Silver - Masidau Farm, Vanuatu 70%
Silver - Tumaco, Colombia 70%Silver - Ucayali River, Peru 90%Silver - Tumaco, Colombia 100%

Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards 2020

These awards recognise the finest food producers in New Zealand and celebrate the Kiwi's who harvest, grow and make outstanding food and drinks. Some pretty awe inspiring and incredible NZ makers enter the awards every year.

In 2020 all three of our entries were awarded medals.

Gold - Masidau Farm, Vanuatu 70% - shop now
Gold - Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70% - shop now
Silver - Ucayali River, Peru 70% - shop now


Academy of Chocolate - Global Awards 2019

These awards are for craft chocolate makers from around the globe, and are the biggest chocolate awards in the world - in 2019 there were over 1,600 entries from 46 countries.

We won three awards, and one of only seven trophies awarded.

Silver - Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70% - shop now
- Ucayali River, Peru 70% - shop now

Silver - Packaging
In 2019, when we entered our single-origin 70% range, we had no idea that every entry was automatically included in a packaging award section - we were thrilled (and surprised) to be told we had been awarded a Silver, especially because we design and illustrate all of our packing ourselves.

Brand Experience Award - Overall Trophy
This was only the second time this trophy had ever been awarded, and every entry was in 
contention for this award. We were utterly blown away to win it.

The award celebrates the pleasure of chocolate as a complete moment-by-moment experience, from attractive functional packaging to outstanding chocolate. Incredible recognition to receive, especially in our very first year of Foundry.